Florida Keys tarpon-bonefish-permit fishing can be very challenging so my two skiffs are equipped with Accessories and Features to give you every advantage as I have customized both for angler comfort and optimum productivity.

Each boat is equipped with a side console for greater angler maneuverability plus comfy cushion, SeaDeck non-skid surface on floor and gunwales and the Islamorada 18 even has a seat back as is seen above, in the center photo below and in my many videos.

When we engage in Florida Keys tarpon-bonefish-permit fishing hydration and nourishment are so important

Cooler and Ice

You do not need to bring an ice cooler or ice as both are on board for you to store any snacks, lunches and beverages. Be sure to bring ample fluids as it is easy to become dehydrated. The Trading Post Grocery Store just a half mile north of the launch is open 24/7 for fruit, drinks, chips, fried chicken and deli sandwiches.

Florida Keys tarpon-bonefish-permit fishing is sight-fishing and standing on a casting platform increases your chances of seeing the fish

Casting Platform
Also known as a “sight-fishing” platform, this indispensible inshore asset of an elevated perch on the bow improves productivity immensely because fish are seen sooner so there is more time to cast. Also note:
  • Resting rail – on request
  • Non-skid surface
  • Cooler
  • Side Console
  • Seat cushion
  • Seat back

There is a leaning rail attached to the bow casting platform to aid anglers in Florida Keys tarpon-bonefish-permit fishing

Leaning rail
This is available on request for those who may need it because when you have a fish on fighting like crazy, what a benefit it is to be able to stabilize your forearms or lean in with your body to maximize your control to gain every advantage.

A resting rail attached to the bow casting platform helps stabilize anglers during Florida Keys tarpon-bonefish-permit fishing

Resting rail
Available on request, how nice this is when you just want to lean back for a moment or need to stabilize your balance in breezy conditions. Makes a huge difference in eliminating unnecessary fatigue.

A flyline tamer is available on request for fly fishermen to use during Florida Keys tarpon-bonefish-permit fishing to contain their fly line as they retrieve it

Flyline Tamer
Also available on request, a tamer is a necessity for fly anglers who would like assistance with line control in breezy conditions.

Stu Apte fly cage video when Florida Keys tarpon-bonefish-permit fishing

Fly Cage
This cage is usually just  used on request in tarpon season and it is a godsend when it’s breezy or when someone is just more comfortable with the enclosure’s stabilization. 

I want you comfortable to produce results, so I can be busy doing what I do best!

Remember the leaning/resting rails and fly tamer are available only upon request and should be arranged prior to your charter perhaps after discussing weather conditions with Capt. Larry a day or so in advance and the cage is used only for tarpon fishing if desired and again should be requested in advance.
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