Capt. Larry Sydnor poling backcountry creekGuided by Florida Keys inshore flats backcountry sport fishing guide Capt.Larry Sydnor, the anglers below proudly posed for memorable photos of their many catches from the flats and backcountry of the upper Florida Keys, bayside and oceanside, the 10,000 Islands, Flamingo and The Everglades National Park.

Anglers from around the world have enjoyed fishing with Florida Keys inshore flats backcountry sport fishing guide Capt. Larry Sydnor and they were young and old, male and female, experienced and novice, fly and spin but all were thrilled by the challenging sport of Florida Keys saltwater fishing as is evident on their faces! Read or view their testimonials as well and Book your trip! !

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Capt. Larry Sydnor and angler tarpon release
Capt. Larry Sydnor and angler Connie O'Day with nice permit
Happy angler in water with tarpon
Redfish on fly
Backcountry snook
Golden Tarpon
Jack release
Betsy & Angie with double redfish
Nice Snook
Juvenile snook on fly
Curved big tarpon
Larry & angler with Barracuda
Pink Flamingos
Cyler Big redfish
Standing with big permit
Betsy & partner with big snook
Arnie holding tarpon
Red jack, female holding big trout
IWFA blue shirt fly snook
Two males raincoats hood snook grip
Florida Keys flats backcountry fishing guide
101 Female green shirt Big red face
Green blue shirt males tarpon
Alligator wildlife you'll see fishing Flamingo with Capt. Larry Sydnor
Fly brim up tiny snook
Dan Moricoli snook
Larry and angler permit
South Africans Tarpon
Masked male seatrout
Dick Worst Redfish
Jack arb with shark
Carmel, Bob 3rd guy and grouper
Carmel Seatrout
Two males snook
Mike permit
Female tarpon
Randy bonefish on lap
Couple snook
Tarpon dad and son
Male lone  yelloe shirt tarpon fly
Redfish release
Double redfish
Couple bald guy tarpon
Redfish youngster Mike  & Patrick
Female snook
Males snook
Youngster snook
Grey hat mustache tarpon
Pat beckwith snook on fly with Lyle
Randy in cold bonefish
Couple seatrout
Youngster snook
Bald  Head snook
Tarpon coming to boat
Tourquoise shirt, red hair couple redfish
Snook youngster
Male permit
Brown big fish
Mustache blue shirt snook
Syracuse had lone male redfish
Male tarpon
Male fly small snook
Male tarpon
Couple jackets redfish
Gold red on fly
Red ball cap snook in boca grip sideways
Other Ffemale
Double tarpon
Carmel couples snook
BIg bonefish
Couple tarpon
Redfish on fly
Couple redfish
Male raincoat tarpon
Youngster redfish
Carmel Snook
Bonefish release
Mike Myatt Permit
Roseattes and pelicans
Larry and Jing Torn with big snook
FKO Aiden red on fly
Dad and youngster snook
Harvey Karen Big Bonefish
Larry plus male with snook
Male redfish
Couple redfish
Sharon bikini permit
Speckled Sea Trout caught by Sharon with Capt. Larry Sydnor
Fly redfish
Larry youngster red
Two guys big redfish
Guy with brown snook
Smiling John K big redfish fly
Jack Cravelle
Black Drum
Two guys redfish
"Mud" redfish
Two ladies snook
Two guy redfish spin
Besty & Mike Bonefish
Chad Wagner & military son with snook
Single male redfish fly
Betsy big bass
Larry and permit faces smiling
Sharon Sydnor fishing with Capt. Larry Sydnor holds big permit
Bonefish by Guide Capt. Larry Sydnor
Collins Bonefish
Roseatte SpoonbillsRoseatte Spoonbills resting on sandbarMark Kuhn with snook photoJohn K with big red  smiling photoSon holds big jack photo 4Son holds nice drum photo 3Son holds nice red photo 2Mike Sandhaas Mud with big redSusan Coleman & Janeen Davis IWFA big snookoSteve & Ryan Barrett redfish photoBetsy and Mike with bonefish closeer upChad and Brandon Wagner with snookGeorge Parker & Lanny Leona FKO gradsFull stand of spinning rods 8-2012Betsy camping Bass 22nd red photoMark Fajet 11 & Larry Red Fish3Beached snapping huge alligator and kayakers photoGator pix during Highand Beach whale tripTarpon BG photo sliderTarpon emerging from waterGary M second sequence 11Troy’s tarpon thumbnail copyPlaying porpoisesAidan Yamada and nice redfish on flyJames Orr and Bennet with Snook & peace signJing Torn 10-24-12  IWFA winnerphotoFishing and LI in Jan 042Leo 6-15-11Big  RedfishSteve Upedegraff  Fly RedRobert Collins bonefish thumb_5528_agentBoat_small
Dick Worst Seatrout
Big seatrout IWFA ladyEllen Matthews and BIG Sea Trout cropped
Mike Myatt permitClose up Larry sitting w’ permit side facing cameraTwo happy Floridians
Marty Manoni fishing with Capt. Larry Sydnor, releases a monster tarponMarty Manoni fishing with Capt. Larry Sydnor, releases a monster tarpon